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Molodist-98 Competition Program
Full Length 
  • THE RED DWARF, Belgium, director Yvan Le Moine
  • DEAD BEETLE, Czech Republic, director Pavel Marek
  • THE DREAM LIFE OF ANGELS, France, director Erick Zonca
  • ALONE AGAINST EVERYBODY, France, director Gaspar Noe
  • EDWARD’S PROMISE, Germany, director Andreas Wunderlich
  • TRAVELLER FROM THE SOUTH, Iran, director Parviz Shahbazi
  • ACROSS THE LAKE, Macedonia, director Antonio Mitrikeski
  • THE CHERRY PICK, Netherland, director Arno Kranenborg
  • MU-MU, Russia, director Yuri Grymov
  • OUTSKIRTS, Russia, director Petro Lutsyk
  • THE SMALL TOWN, Turkey, director Nuri Bilge Ceylan
  • VIRTUE, USA, director Camera Obscura
Short Films 
  • NOTHING, Austria, director Dana Nowak
  • TOMBSTONE, Brasil, director Paulo Morelli
  • REFLECTION IN THE EYE OF A DEAD FISH, Czech Republic-Switzerland, director Lewis Hausler
  • THE WEDDING NIGHT, Denmark, director Mads Tobias Olsen
  • FAMILY EVENT, Estonia, director Rene Vilbre
  • A CLEAR WINTER'S DAY, Finland, director Saara Cantell
  • THE CLOTHES PEGS, France, director Joel Brisse
  • KILLER OF SMALL FISHES, France, director Alexandre Gavras
  • EX-VOTO, France, director Antoine Le Bos
  • IF THERE WERE A BRIDGE..., France, director Solveig Dommartin
  • THE ROCK, France, director Faouzi Bensaidi
  • LUNA, Germany, director Philine Velhagen
  • LITTLE PRELUDES, Greece, director Vangelis Kalambakas
  • CAMERA OBSCURA, Italy, director Stefano Arduino
  • CHECKING OUT, Latvia, director Carl Biorsmark
  • FIELD OF BONES, Northern Ireland, director Carol Moore
  • THE DOUBLE LIFE OF MISS KIERAT, Poland, director Piotr Kielar
  • MISTER JERONIMO, Portugal, director Ines de Medeiros
  • DVINSKY TEA, Russia, director Sergei Knyazev
  • FOR THE GONE CHILD, Spain, director Tinieblas Gonzalez
  • PASTRY, PAIN AND POLITICS, Switzerland, director Stina Werenfels
  • ON THE EDGE, Turkey, director Ebru Yapici
  • WAITING FOR WOODY, USA, director Grant Heslov
Animation Films 
  • MAMBO, Denmark, directors Siri Melchior & Julie Bille
  • GECKO, Denmark, director Morten Belvad
  • CARNIVAL, France, director Aline Ahond
  • MINOTAVRE’S BALL, France, director Lorenzo Recio
  • 23 MARTYRS STREET, France, director Luc Perez
  • KEEP IN A DRY PLACE AND AWAY FROM, Great Britain, director Martin Davies
  • STAGE FRIGHT, Great Britain, director Steve Box
  • SILENCE, Great Britain, directors Sylvie Bringas & Orly Yadin
  • KISSES AND FROGS, Italy, directors Claudia Pignato & Cristiana Giurato & Maria
  • THE FATHER, Japan, director Alexey Demin
  • FRAGILE, Luxembourg, director Daniel Wiroth
  • DOWN BY THE RIVER, Russia, director Vladislav Bairamgulov
  • I USED TO LIVE NEAR THE SEA, Russia, director Sviatoslav Ushakov
  • 360 B’U, Ukraine, directors Hanna Kuts & Victor Dovhalyuk
  • SPIRAL, Ukraine, director Vladyslav Bilous
  • E=MC^2, Ukraine, director Alla Churikova
  • RED RIDING HOOD, USA, director Steve Moore
Student Films 
  • THE BRIDGE, Australia, director Jo Kennedy
  • BALLOON GIRL, Australia, director Justine Kerigan
  • EGYPT, Austria, director Kathrin Resetarits
  • WIEDER HOLUNG, Austria, director Nana Swiczinsky
  • THE LIFE IN PINK, Belgium, director Lilian Cornelis
  • GONE WITH THE WIND, Belgium, director Vincent Bierrewaerts
  • MARY, Belgium, director Korinn Kuil
  • YOUNG TURKEYS, Canada, director Ian Barbour
  • MORNING HAS BROKEN, Denmark, director Alice de Champfleury
  • NEW YEAR CELEBRATION, Denmark, director Erling Budde
  • LITTLE BIG DOG, Denmark, director Bo Hansen Clausen
  • IT IS ALL SO BIG, Finland, director Leena Jaaskelainen
  • KOVERHAR - THREE DAYS OF A BUTCHER'S, Finland, director Olli Saarela
  • EYE-WASH, France, director Xavier Liebard
  • ONE DAY, France, director Marie Paccou
  • SHAMELESS, Georgia, director Georgyi Haribava
  • JUST ONE MINUTE, Georgia, director Khatuna Giorgobiani
  • DER SIEG, Germany, director Robert Krause
  • NIGHTHAWKS, Germany, director Dmitri Popov
  • FIVEFORTYFIVE, Germany, director Christoph Rohl
  • HALBERSTADT, Germany, director Achim von Borries
  • ALTAMIRA, Hungary, director Attila Mispal
  • DOWN, ACROSS, Norway, director Eriand 0verby
  • EPHEMERA, Norway, director Janne Hansen
  • UNDER THE DOME, Poland, director Jesper Madsen
  • VOICES, Russia, director Andrej Osipov
  • BANNER, Russia, director Alexey German Jr.
  • THE IRON, OR SOME SHOTS, Russia, director M.Lappalainen
  • A MEN’S LIVING, Russia, director V.Isyandavletova
  • CONSOLATION, Russia, director Xenia Burdinova
  • ROMEO AND JULIET OF THE FOREST, Slovenia, director Bostjan Masera
  • PAUL, Switzerland, director Aurelio Galfetti
  • Z-Z-Z, Ukraine, director Styopa Koval'
  • THE SLAUGHTER HOUSE, Ukraine, director Taras Tomenko
  • KEEPSAKE, Ukraine, director Valentyn Vasyanovich
  • FACE, Ukraine, director Maryna Kondratieva
  • WEEK END, Ukraine, director Yevhenia Ilmens’ka
  • COFFEE DREGS, Ukraine, director Olexandra Il’menska
  • DAOS LOOKS BACK, Ukraine, director Maxym Surkov
  • LA LECON, USA, director Craig Marsden
  • THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE LOUISIANA, USA, director Joshua Oppenheimer
  • DON'T EXPLAIN, Yugoslavia, director Tatjana Brzakovic 
Molodist-98 Winners
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