XXVIII Kyiv International Film Festival Molodist 
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1. Purpose
The XXVIIIth Kyiv International Film Festival Molodist will be held in Kyiv from 24 October to 1 November 1998. The Festival is a legal entity belonging to the Union of Filmmakers of Ukraine, which sets out: 
  • to analyze the main trends and tendencies in the work of young filmmakers around the world 
  • to establish and broaden creative contacts between young filmmakers and between film schools 
  • to recognize new personalities in modern film art 
  • to integrate Ukrainian film into the global process of cinema art and industry 
2. Competition
a. The annual festival competition consists of four categories: 
  • student films (no time restriction) 
  • first professional short fiction films (less than 45') 
  • first professional animation film (no time restriction) 
  • first professional full-length fiction (60' or more) 
b. All films produced after 1 January 1997 at professional studios or film schools made on 16 or 35 mm film are eligible for competition. Films competing in the animation category produced after 1 January 1996 are also eligible. 

c. Films which have participated and have been awarded prizes in other festivals may be submitted for competition. 

3. Non-competition
The festival will also present a non-competition program that may include any of the following elements: 
  • a panorama of Ukrainian cinema 1997-1998 
  • retrospectives of film schools and prominent filmmakers 
  • special programs dedicated to other international festivals 
4. Entry & Selection
a. To enter, return the completed entry form with a VHS copy of the film (PAL, SECAM, NTSC), and the documentation requested in the film entry form. Cassettes and documentation received by the festival must be sent prepaid return as the festival will not cover their return freight. The deadline for videocassettes and documents is 15 June 1998. 

b. Films will be selected by a Selection Committee, appointed by the Board of Directors. The Committee will try to inform the applicants of its decision by 1 August 1998. 

c. Relevant dates include: 

  • 15 June 1998:   entry form and video cassette received 
  • 1 August 1998:   Selection Committee decision announced 
  • 10 September 1998:   requests for accreditation 
  • 10 October 1998:   film copy delivered or confirmation and details of its arrival received 
  • 24 October - 1 November 1998:   festival dates 
  • 15 November 1998:   film copies returned 
5. Insurance
Festival films will be insured the amount of their print value by the festival during the period the films are in the festival's care. Coverage takes effect from the registration of the film's arrival in Kyiv until they are handed over to a forwarding agent for return dispatch. 
6. Shipping
a. Mail the materials and copies to: 
    DOM KINO, Suite 115  
    6 Saksagansky St.  
    252033 Kyiv, Ukraine 
b. The Board of Directors suggests that applicants send films and accompanying materials through their country's consular channels. Should films be sent by mail or by courier, they must be marked “For cultural purposes only. No commercial value” and be valued less than $99.00. 

c. Costs for shipping films to the festival are borne by the applicant. The cost of return will be borne by the festival. The Board of Directors will undertake to return the prints within two weeks of the festival's ending. 

7. Jury & Awards
a. The Board of Directors will form an international jury, which will work according to the regulations for an international film festival and the rules and regulations of IFF Molodist. 
The Jury of the Molodist-98 Festival:
  • Krzysztof Zanussi, Poland, president of the jury
  • Kira Muratova, Ukraine
  • Francesco Maselli, Italy
  • Astrid Kuhl, Germany
  • Roman Korogodsky, Ukraine
  • Sergei Ovcharov, Russia
b. The jury will judge the competitive films and award the following prizes: 
  • Grand Prix for the best competition film ($10,000 and the statuette “The Scythian Deer”) 
  • prize for the best film in each category ($2,500) 
  • prize for best performances by a young actor (5,000FF) 
  • festival diplomas 
8. Invitation & Attendance
a. Directors whose films have been selected for competition are invited as participants for the festival's duration. Room and board in a hotel will be provided by the festival. Travel costs will not be covered. Expenses for only one representative per film will be paid. 

b. Applications for accreditation as a guest must be received by 10 September 1998. Guests will be expected to cover their own registration fees and accommodation costs. 

9. Advertising
The Board of Directors provide space for advertisements and public information at no charge to films and organizations participating in the festival and at a fixed price for all other bodies. 
10. Non-specified cases
Cases not covered by these regulations will be considered directly by the festival organizers in compliance with the regulations for an international festival. 
Tel-fax: (380-44) 227-4557 and 246-6798     E-mail: molodist@oldbank.com 
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