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Molodist-98 Winners 
Grand Prix
statuette "The Scythian Deer" and a monetary award of 10,000 USD 
for the best film of the festival among the four categories goes to a student film
VOICES by Andrei Osipov (Russia) 
the reason: with beautiful pictures, poetic phrases and carefully selected music the film gives a deep understanding of the Silver Age, a poorly explores epoque of Russian Culture 
The best full-length feature film
a monetary award of 2,500 USD 
THE DREAM LIFE OF ANGELS by Erick Zonca (France) 
The best short fiction film
a monetary award of 2,500 USD 
THE ROCK by Faouzi Bensaidi (France) 
The best animated film
a monetary award of 2,500 USD 
ONE DAY by Marie Paccou (France) 
The best student film
a monetary award of 2,500 USD 
by Olli Saarela (Finland) 
The best young actor
the Yves Montand prize and a monetary award of 5,000 FRF 
for his performance in THE RED DWARF by Yvan Le Moine (Belgium) 
The jury diplomas
full-length feature 
OUTSKIRTS by Petro Lutsyk (Russia)  
short fiction films 
CHECKING OUT by Carl Biosmark (Latvia)  
NOTHING by Dana Novak (Austria)  
animated films 
MINAUTORE'S BALL by Lorenzo Recio (France)  
DOWN BY THE RIVER by Vladislav Bairamgulov (Russia)  
E=MC^2 by Alla Churikova (Ukraine)  
student films 
THE IRON, OR SEVERAL SHOTS by M. Lappalainen (Russia)  
NIGHTHAWKS by Dmitri Popov (Germany)  
The Jury of the International Federation of Film Societies
presented for the first time at the Molodist Festival gives a special mention to: 
FAMILY EVENT by Rene Vilbre (Estonia)  
COFFEE DREGS by Alexandra Illmenska (Ukraine) 
the main award Don Quichote:    
VOICES by Andrej Osipov (Russia) 
The audience prize
VOICES by Andrej Osipov (Russia) 
The Teenagers Jury
the best film of the program: 
DER SIEG by Robert Krause (Germany) 
the best Ukrainian film:   
DAOS LOOKS BACK by Maxym Surkov (Ukraine)
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